Regal Unlimited is a boutique firm operating in the areas of leadership development at all levels:

  • Leadership Executive Coaching
  • Coach Training Programs
  • Healing
  • Leadership Workshop

The coach supports clients in achieving greater self awareness improved self management and increased self efficiency so that they develop their own goals and solutions appreciate to their context.
Executive Coaching Brochure
"My professional journey along with Subash as a coach, started in April 2013. Since then, he has been a great anchor to me at a personal level. He has empowered me with simple easy to use tools, which has had great impact while sailing the high tides of the profession. He also helped me to see perspectives and which otherwise would have been limited by the typical “spotlight”. I wish him the best in his endeavors.." 

Jubilant Cement(Country Manager - MEA, DLW Flooring GmbH)
What others say about the Executive Caoching Program
" I was curious about the idea of coaching when one esteemed senior at work recommended me to Subash. I am ever so glad I gave it a shot. While I am still applying the principles that I have ‘discovered’ through my coaching sessions, there is no doubt that it has already allowed me to see things for what they really are and respond most effectively to whatever comes my way at work / career and balance my personal life alongside too."